Visiting Professors

The School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano promotes and enhances the figure of the Visiting Professor and Visiting Researcher for the internationalization and cultural and scientific development of the University. To this end, it encourages professors, researchers and scholars of high scientific qualification, belonging to foreign university, research or higher education institutions, to stay in its scientific and educational facilities to carry out training and seminars as part of a course of study and / or doctoral studies and research activities, also on the basis of specific international agreements stipulated by the University. The Visiting Professor / Researcher collaborates with educational and scientific structures by carrying out a program consistent with the strategic objectives of the University. It can also be part of the commissions for the evaluation of university exams and for the discussion of degree theses, as well as for the evaluation of doctoral theses.

Professors of Architecture and Urban Design

Board of the Master Program